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Cannabis measurements explained: Juggling grams, ounces and pounds

Half pound of weed

Grams, ounces, eighths and quarters are just some of the terms that can be extremely confusing for both beginner and intermediate cannabis users. This guide breaks down imperial and metric weed measurements to help consumers better match amount to the desired effect.

Eighth of cannabis

One often hears people say an eighth or a half quarter when referring to cannabis. Just how much weed is that exactly?

An eighth of cannabis refers to an eighth of an ounce, the amount most frequently purchased by moderate consumers. Converted to the metric system, an eighth translates to a little over 3.5 grams.

About the size of a walnut—and depending on one’s appetite—an eighth is enough to roll up to three blunts, three to four large joints or approximately seven half-gram joints.

Fun fact: An eighth of cannabis is often called a slice or a cut. This is because pizzas oftentimes are divided into eight slices.

Half-eighth of cannabis

The name says it all: It’s one half of an eighth of an ounce. Although rare for sale on the legal market, one may still hear the term from time to time. A half-eighth of cannabis is around 1.7 g to 1.8 g, enough for several medium joints.

Quarter of cannabis

Slang names like Q, quad or just a quarter refer to a quarter of an ounce. That’s approximately 7.0874 g, but is usually rounded to precisely seven g.

Intermediate users generally like to buy a quarter, which can last for days, or even weeks depending on frequency of use.

About the size of an appl, with a quarter of weed, a person can roll about six or seven blunts, or a handful of joints.

Half of cannabis

Following the same logic, a half of weed refers to a half of ounce of weed. Whil a half is 14.1747 g of dried cannabis, it’s rounded to 14 grams.

With this amount of cannabis, the price really starts to break, although it will also depend on the quality of the buds in question.

A half of weed is about the size of an orange. If a person wants to make some edibles, this is the amount usually required in recipes for making cannabutter, which is at the core of all canna-edibles.

Regular users like to buy half of an ounce, so they don’t need to refill their stash so often.

Fun fact: A half of weed is perfect for parties, road trips and other activities of that nature.

Ounce of cannabis

An ounce of weed is exactly that—a full ounce—or precisely 28.3495 g, though it’s usually sold as 28 grams. Its name is often just abbreviated to O, or it can be referred to as a “zip”.

This is a fairly large amount of weed, and very few places actually sell in this quantity. Most dispensaries in the U.S. where cannabis is legal for recreational use, offer ounce deals. Buying cannabis in whole ounces is the most cost-effective way to buy it for daily, high-volume users.

Quarter pound of cannabis

In the cannabis community, a quarter pound of weed is known as a QP, and the name says it all. This equals 113.4 g, or four ounces.

Half-pound of cannabis

Half-pack and half-pounder are the main slang terms for a half-pound of weed. This totals 226.8 g, or eight ounces of dried cannabis.

Pound of cannabis

One pound of cannabis is 448 g or 16 ounces. And that’s quite a lot—imagine a bulk of weed the size of a watermelon and you’re almost there. Really, this is considered a dispensary-level amount of cannabis.

Not-so-fun fact: Keep in mind that the legal limit for posession and sharing in Canada is 30 g.

One gram of cannabis

If looking to buy small quantities of cannabis, it’s best to go for a gram, especially if the particular strain hasn’t been tried before.

A gram of weed is often called a dime bag on the street; it’s the smallest amount of cannabis that can be purchased.

What does a gram of cannabis look like? It’s about the size of a hazelnut, and most experienced users usually put an entire gram in one joint.

If smoking alone, this amount can be split in half and rolled into two smaller joints. If new to cannabis, however, this will undoubtedly be too much, especially if it’s a high-THC indica.

Five grams of cannabis

Most Canadian LPs sell their products in five-gram and 10-gram packages. Five grams of cannabis translates to 0.1763 oz, and looks to be about the size of an egg. This is a perfect amount for a few weeks of self-medication. Five grams would be enough for four to five blunts, or five to 10 joints, depending on their size.

In some dispensaries, a visitor will also sometimes hear the term a five-gram eighth. As noted earlier, an eighth is 3.5 g, so what does it have to do with five g? This term refers to the price—a customer who buys a five-gram eighth will get five g for the price of an eight (3.5 g), which is a pretty sweet deal.

10 grams of cannabis

Depending on the medical condition, most patients would buy a 10-g jar and consume it over the course of weeks. This amount is more than enough for rolling a bunch of joints for you and your friends, but it’s probably a bit too much for any crew to consume in one sitting.

A kilogram of cannabis

One kilogram of weed is such a huge amount that I’ve seen it in just one (of the numerous coffeeshops) I visited in Amsterdam. One kilogram equals a thousand grams, or 2.2046 pounds.


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