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Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis

The word “microdosing” might put you in mind of a bygone 1960’s era when it referred to taking a bit of LSD, or acid, to increase your creativity and open your mind to new ideas. But that’s not what we’re talking about here today. The cannabis industry has created a new era as cannabis microdosing has become a new trend that is increasingly becoming more popular with both adult use and medical marijuana consumers. Read on for more information on this growing trend.

What is Cannabis Microdosing?

As the cannabis industry has matured over the past few decades, careful and specific THC measuring and labelling has been required for different cannabis varieties, edibles, tinctures, and oils. This regulated accuracy in cannabis product measuring has allowed consumers and patients to tightly control their own dosages of THC and CBD. “Cannabis Microdosing” is when a consumer takes a very measured and small dose of a cannabis product containing THC or CBD. The minimal effective dose for each patient varies, but may be as low as two-to-five milligrams per day, and is most commonly performed using store-bought edible products, which by law have strict THC and CBD measurements on their labels.

Microdosing Cannabis for Health & Mental Health

Doctors and patients alike are increasingly exploring microdosing cannabis as a treatment option to provide desired health effects on patient symptoms, such as elevated mood, reduced anxiety and stress, or better sleep and focus. As medical and recreational cannabis continue to gain widespread acceptance and are used by more patients and consumers, additional medical practitioners, cannabis edible and extract manufacturers, and consumers themselves are trumpeting the virtues of microdosing and the therapeutic effects it may have. Consuming CBD and associated products has been reported to reduce inflammation and pain, restoring patients’ quality of life. Proponents of microdosing cannabis make a strong case that high dosages are not necessary to achieve these desired results.

Microdosing as a Cannabis Market Trend

As doctors and consumers continue to search for alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical remedies and their adverse side effects, the benefits of cannabis may continue to impact a larger patient and consumer market. Eventually, the ease, safety, and advantages of consuming small doses of cannabis will cause more consumers to consider it as a therapeutic remedy. This widespread interest in cannabis microdosing is a new cannabis market trend that will continue to open additional opportunities throughout the industry; investors, patients, and current cannabis businesses, keep your eye on this one.


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